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About us

Our plant is Central Asia's only factory on enrichment of kaolin and is located in Angren, Tashkent region, Uzbekistan.

The company owns a production line for the enrichment of kaolin (hydrolyzed process).  The most advanced achievements of the world practice in the production of kaolin were taken into account during development of the project.

Supplier of raw materials provides selective extraction of raw kaolin, which allows the company to produce only high-quality enriched kaolin.

High quality, stability of technological indicators are guaranteed by the control system created in our physical and chemical laboratory, which is equipped with most up to date testing devices for conducting express analysis at all levels of production process.

In respect of production and sale of enriched kaolin our company got the certificate from quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.

Company Angren Kaolin produces:

- Kaolin AKF- 78, which is used as a raw material for production of kaolin wool, high-quality ceramic, cable, plastic, electrical engineering (insulators), paint, perfumes, as well as a filler in paper manufacture, coagulants and glaze.

- Kaolin AKС-30, which is used in the manufacture of sanitary -technical ceramic tiles for interior and exterior wall cladding, refractories, ceramics and souvenir firebrick.

- Kaolin ACT-10, which is used for the production of household chemical cleaners, synthetic resins, adhesives, rubber products, cables and plastics.